Question: How long has Fatakk been in the business?
Answer: Fatakk as an e-commerce business is a start up. Our promoters have experience of over 25 years in the industrial distribution business.

Question: Why should I buy online?
Answer: Instead of going to different locations, manufactures, suppliers or market places our customers can, with great ease and comfort, find and get everything they need at one place, at the best possible prices, delivery times and highest quality & integrity.

Question: How long will my order take?
Answer: For products available on ready stock basis delivery will commence within 48 hours of receipt of confirmed order. For other products best possible lead times will be displayed along with product features. You can track the status of your order on the website.

Question: Can I return an item if I don t like it, and if so how?
Answer: Please check our product return policy for details.

Question: Will I get any written confirmation for my order?
Answer: Yes. You will certainly receive an email confirmation immediately once your order is accepted, which will give you complete information about the product details and the estimated delivery time.

Question: Are the website prices all inclusive?
Answer: The prices are inclusive of all taxes. In certain locations Octroi will be added extra. Delivery charges will depend on total order value on any one occasion and purchases beyond a certain value will be exempt of delivery charges. For details refer to our delivery section.

Question: Why do I need to register myself on your site?
Answer: You do not need to create an account or register with us before shopping. Once you confirm the order during your first purchase, you will be prompted to register yourself and provide us with your necessary personal details. Registering takes just a few minutes, but it will save you lots of time and typing on your future visits. For instance, if you register with us, we'll save some of your information so that you don't have to enter it again. And hence registering with us will give you a quicker & easier Check Out in future.

Question: Can I trust your site with my personal details?
Answer: We are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not disclose any information about you to third parties. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Question: Do you sell products at a discount?
Answer: Occasionally we sell some of our products at a discount. Such offers are clearly shown on the top right of our web pages.


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